About Us


We are a group of travel enthusiasts from across Southeast Asia, the United States, and United Kingdom that are passionate about the region on which we focus. Our team includes MBA and BBA alumni as well as travel and hospitality veterans who have direct experience participating in and organizing travel. 

In addition to handling logistics, we coordinate events and meetings to provide a complete experience. We have built a network of academic, business, and government entities to add value to group excursions. This value comes from exposure to influential entities to provide additional context on the culture and current dynamics of operating in the region. 

Our Mission

To introduce the cultural and economic importance of Southeast Asia to those who are involved with or interested in expanding upon their international experience.

Our Value to Clients

International travel is exciting and riveting...but also expensive.  We provide the utmost quality at a manageable cost by owning tour companies and relationships in these select markets instead of outsourcing.  By maintaining an exclusive geographic focus, we maintain a deep knowledge of the market to add value to our clients.  

We believe that our programs can generate value for both new and returning clients alike. For those with institutionalized programs, we seek to pass on additional savings via long-term commitments wherever possible.